Awards and Haystack Needles...

On January 4th, Bob Leggatt of the LA Music Critic blog announced his list and I received the Best International Artist and was a nominee in the Best International EP category. It's so lovely to be acknowledged for all the hard work we indie artists do. I think it goes without saying that so many artists works their tuchus off to put their music out there, yet in this age of democratization courtesy of the worldwide web, there is so much on offer that it's super easy to get lost in in the shuffle. It's hard to feel heard at all. Awards and blog sites like Bob's have made me begin to look more deeply into indie artists. It's refreshing to be able to find sites and individuals who offer a cornucopia of musical likes, with well articulated reasons for their choices; personal offerings bereft of algorithms and corporate angles. It's the same as finding a movie critic you trust, or any cultural messenger whose tastes draw you in. It's REAL, it's HUMAN to hear from people like this...whether you win or not. Thank you Bob and thank you everyone who has offered me feedback on Local Honey, good, bad or indifferent. I feel a little more heard in this ocean of beautiful sounds...and a little more motivated to keep singing out! 

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