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Local Honey

Abby Zotz

With her debut solo album, Local Honey, Abby takes an exhilarating leap … with arms wide open … and soars. Infused with a spirit of freedom, her new sound is a satisfying union of wistful pop blended beautifully with gospel, folk and blues; all filtered through her gift for emotional and philosophical contemplation. Abby’s is a voice that is at once authentic and pure, yet time and experience have lent a new edge to it; a deeper vocal range and maturity that adds dimension and a touching honesty to her lyrics and emotional depth to her songs.

"Abby Zotz is exhibiting a knack for making exciting ballads that could be the best of her generation. Local Honey is stacked high with intricately wound songs that will challenge your perception of what folk music can do when it doesn’t have any barriers to keep it from going off the beaten track, and I would encourage anyone who considers themselves to be a music aficionado to give it a spin and see what they think for themselves."


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