The Buzz on Abby Zotz and Local Honey 

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Winner of Best International Artist for Local Honey 
Nominated for Best International EP for Local Honey

LA Music Critics December 2018 Full List and Details

 “.."an album that sums up all she’s learned as a musician and human being with singular beauty. Substantive musicality and commercial appeal in the same package...natural sounding magic."


"Local Honey…will entertain and touch both devoted and casual music fans alike over time and throughout multiple listens." 

NO DEPRESSION full review 

“...she is bar none the most listenable and accessible to fans of all ages, backgrounds and tastes." 

VENTS MAGAZINE full review 


"a piece of pure optimism...charming harmonies and relatable lyrics..” 

NEUFUTUR full review 

“stunning... Her music speaks to the humbleness of mankind.”

IMAAI full review 

"...a standout LP that fearlessly goes where other records could only dream of going.” 


“ of Canada’s most cheerful and down to earth’s hard to not immediately play the whole album over again.”

SKOPE MAGAZINE full review 

“..the indie folk album that we’ve all been waiting for.."  

THE INDIE SOURCE full review  

"Zotz has made a truly mesmerizing music video for this song ...I’d encourage you to seek out both (the video and the album) as soon as possible.” 

INDIE SHARK full review 

"...a wonderfully warm, country-inspired serenade...." 

MYSTIC SONS full review


"...'Good Bones' makes a pretty good case for being the most original video of the last two dozen months...I don’t think we’ve even begun to see what this artist is capable of doing when she’s got all of the right tools at her disposal.” 

MOBANGELES full review 


BIG HOPE video single

BIG HOPE video single

"It’s in these private moments where it’s just her and her guitar when she’s at her most raw and real,..."

 GASHOUSE RADIO full review

" organic and authentic as they come...."

 INDIE BAND GURU full review